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Do you want to make it super easy for your clients to book a shuttle seat AND earn a commission off that booking? Here’s how that is possible:

-SWIFT makes use of a system that allows us to create an affiliate link & QR code that is unique to you or your company.

-The link & QR code can be displayed and shared in ways that are only limited by your imagination.

-When a client makes a booking through your link or QR code you or your company will earn a commission off that booking which will be accumulated and paid to you at the end of each month/ quarter or year (whichever is preferred by you)

-You will receive a notification on each booking made through your link or QR code to enable you to keep a record of your commission earned.-

It has never been easier to assist your clients AND earn a commission.

Don’t lose out on this great opportunity. Join our ever-growing list of affiliates bringing convenience to your clients. Sign Up Now!

SWIFT: Reliable, Affordable, CONVENIENT!

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